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Reports: September 2007 (Jurgen Kannenberg)

Last September we were in Dingle to go fishing. We caught a good amount of Thornbacks in the Dingle Harbour. One day we had 10, with a few up to a reasonable size.

We also caught 2 Congers (one at Cuan peer, and one in Smerwick harbour), which was a first for us. We fished the peninsula for 5 times now. I was also trying to find the spot at Ventry you describe in the website. When I arrived on the outside facing South, I couldnă┘Çt find a spot to get down. I turned to the left, and the first spot I could get down too, was at the entrance of Ventry Harbour facing East. The water was looking very promising, and it was a shame I couldnă┘Çt get down. I had a few casts in the Harbour entry and missed a good fish far out. I was fishing with what we call a ă┘épilkeră┘ŕ of 40 grams. Most probably this was a good wrasse, because it took about 10 meters of line without me being able to stop it and got stuck in the weed.