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Reports: May 2008 (John McBride)

Sunday 25/5/2008
after being cruelly awoken at 0540 by the slave driver a quick look out of the window revealed the weather, 25-30 mph north-easterly winds............not good at all. jonty had planned a trip to either dun an oir for the bigger pollock and wrasse, or derrymore strand for stingrays and tope. after a quick re-think he decided on beenbane. two hours later and not a single bite.......not looking good after a re-think we moved to dingle lighthouse

at last after another trek, but nothing like slea-head we were out of the wind and the sun was beating down the fist thornback

followed by this critter.....on a crab bait on a light spinning rod...lol

another thornie for jonty

well next fish was mine..... a bloomin dog

mr "first-chuck" set up a float rig.......and as the nickname says.....had this garfish,

shortly after i had a better pollock

a pic of the mark looking towards dingle harbour

another pollock for me

yippee, at last my thornie

jonty unhooking one of his 9 thornies.......greedy git lol


and another

it ended up a cracking day after all.... a big thanks to jonty for putting me on to the marks, cheers mate, and thanks for all the hints, tips and advice over the past few months....anyone who would ignore advice off a top angler would be an utter fool. also a really big thanks to jonty's family in cloghane for the hospitality, and the venison roast yum yum, nice view from the kitchen by the way