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Reports: Dingle Area September 2006 (JOHN B)

A quick report back from our Dingle sortie. First port of call rocks below Dunbeg Fort. 1 Garfish to show for our efforts, decided conditions unsafe and retreated to Trabeg. I had 2 Bass from the left hand side of the strand, 2.5lbs & 3.5lbs + 1 small Flounder. Fished from the roadside just beyond the Trench, all we had were Dogfish & Mackerel.

Fished Reenbeg the following day, not a bite between us. Next day the Lighthouse, I had 1 good Pollack on a small eddystone eel, too much of a swell though to be comfortable, caught a few Mackerel and decided to go Congering from the harbour that night.

Started fishing about 11pm, all four of us float fished with braid direct to a swivel and 6/0 hook attached to 150lb mono. Had tentative bites straight away but didn't connect. These eels are definitely getting smarter, instead of taking the float under, more often than not they simply eased the float back towards the rocks, by the time a proper bite materialised the eels were well and truly fast. Anyway, we decided to try some strong arm tactics and found that by exerting considerable and relentless pressure the eels eventually popped from their hiding places like corks. Never had one above 10lb, but this definitely learned us a lesson. Nylon. no matter the strength does not allow you to exert sufficient pressure. The braid, well, there were a few times we thought there was no chance of moving them and thought that we were snagged up fast, in reality the eels were already within the rocks by the time real bites were seen, constant pressure though does eventually move them! We never saw sight nor sound of the ray despite fishing specifically for them on a couple of occasions.

I fished Stradbally one evening with just the surfers for company, all I had were Dog's (Dropped my mobile in........again!) Finally fished Fenit Viaduct as a last port of call. My mates had Dog's and huge Spider Crabs, I blanked! On reflection this wasn't one of our better trips, to be fair the weather was variable to say the least. What's more worrying is the apparent lack of fish when bottom fishing Reenbeg and the Lighthouse.

If our experience is anything to go by the Daiwa pairs guys are in for real a grueller!