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Reports: July 2006 (Adam Shannon)

Day three and four - we had all pretty much had our fill of the ray fishing so we decided to fish the rocks for the next two days to use up our crabs for wrasse and get some pollock fishing in.

We decided to concentrate on the rocks around the brandon creek area, as we have done well here before. we fished the flood from low water up, float fishing for the wrasse from 12 - 30 foot deep using hardbacks and peelers and also the lug we had collected. We spun for the pollock and bottom fished mack and sandeel for doggies and conger using a pulley. for the float fishing we used fairly heavy spinning rods and 30lbs power pro to a 20lbs mono hooklenght. we locked up the drag but even so some of the big fish bent the rods to the limit and ripped line off, and this is gear that has stopped pike to nearly 30lbs in mid run! imagine what a 30lbs wrasse could do!

At each new spot we groundbaited for the wrasse as we usually do using brown crumb, dyed red, cut up bits of dead crab, mashed sardines, lug, mussel and shopped prawns. it pulls in the dogs and eels too for when the float fishing goes off at high tide.

Results were pretty instant and the wrasse were plentiful, my dad spun most of the time while eoin and i float and bottom fished. my dad had the odd go for the wrasse and also got some.some of the fish were coloured really brightly and beautifully
i lost count of how may wrasse we had over the two days 30+ anyway with many over 4lbs. We all had a wrasse over 5lbs, some of the biggest are below. the best was 5lbs 3oz (the last pic)

We also had about 15 dogs and six conger over the two days, on the spinning gear we had about ten pollock to five pounds and also one of 5lbs on float fished crab.
good fishing, but the hayfever killed me!


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