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Reports: July 2006 (Adam Shannon)

Day one was spent bait collecting getting enough lug from milltown and crab from over near cloghan. Did a wee bit of spinning on the first evening (for about ten minutes) to see if any macks were around for fresh bait but with no joy, it was a nice evening though.

Day 2 was spent in dingle for the ray, we got a few fresh macks later on in the day but at the start we had to settle for frozen. there didnt seem to be any difference between the two anyway. extra mackerel oil was added to each bait.

tide was flooding, and we fish for about 3-4 hours of the flood before things went quiet. rigs were one up one downs and pulleys with 4/0`s. action was farily consistent with ray and a couple of pollock. my dad stuck to spinning while eoin and i botom fished and had a few mackerel.

our tally for the session was 6 thornies the three best being 8,9 and 10lbs 12oz. Eoin had the best one shown below and also a 12lbs conger on his last cast

My dad got a bit sick of the bottom fishing so we headed off to inch for the top of the tide and the start of the ebb so he could do a bit a spinning. We didnt think he woud get anything so eoin and i stayed in the car, but jammy git that he is we get a call on my phone that he is into a bass and so we legged it and arrived to find him landing this 8lbs 2oz bass, caught on a toby (he had a 9lbs 6oz fish here last year also on a lure)

he has the knack alright. shoud say all fish caught on the trip were returned except 14 macks that were used for bait and some fried for supper. we stopped fishing for macks when we had enough to do us

a good start but it got better, Click here for days 3 and 4.

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