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Here's a list of B&B's on the Dingle Peninsula. The only one I've stayed in on this list is O'Neills, John Street, Dingle and I'd highly recommend it. (They even gave us a small discount because of the bad weather!) http://www.stayinkerry.com/wkbb.htm
Turn Google Maps onto "Satellite" and you can find your future fishing marks from the comfort of your armchair! Only half of the Dingle Peninsula is in sufficiently high resolution at the moment, but what is there is fantastic!
This is the most comprehensive site for Irish angling I have come across, with a complete guide to fishing marks from all coastal counties as well as a detailed list of all possible species encountered in the Irish waters. The most essential part of this site is the forum, where you'll get the most up-to-date catch reports from all over Ireland.
If there are any other links that you think should be added to this site, you can mail them to me at info@dinglefishing.com