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Angling reports, photos, marks, weather, tides and guides for fishing on and around the Dingle Peninsula. If you have anything you would like to add to the site, feel free to mail it to info@dinglefishing.com

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I never got around to posting last year's report of my trip to Dingle, but with this years trip looming (last 2 weeks in June - can't wait!) I thought I'd write it up. Can't believe how much of it I remember! You can view it here.


The Daiwa Irish Pairs is a competition ran on the Dingle Peninsula each year. Recently, they have created a site which can be viewed here.


Wave height/direction forecast. Find out if you'll get the sea conditions you're looking for on your holiday.


Anthony Newson had a few days of superb pollock fishing. Here's the report.


John McBride Spent a weekend fishing around Dingle and provided a great report from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


New report
from Eoghan who fished the Dingle Area in May


New report
from Jurgen Kannenberg who fished the Dingle Peninsula last September


New report
from John Baily who fished the Dingle Peninsula in September caught a sunfish among other things!!


New report
from Paul Blyth who fished the Dingle Peninsula for a week in September and had a great week, including plenty of thornbacks and bass, an 11.5lb small eyed ray and a 5lb 3oz Turbot!


I got this movie file of a thornback we caught during our trip to Dingle this year from Eoin Daly. Its not the biggest ray by any means, but every time I watch it I so want to be there! Also, I left in the sound so you can hear the crap i had to put up with for the entire week !


New Catch & Return guide added. Click Here


I'm just back from 2 weeks in Dingle. Click Here for a full report